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Desire Paths

19 Aug 23 — 25 Nov 23


A desire path is a route “where the grass is worn thin between the places, we find ourselves and the places we would like to be”. Deviating from controlled, designed routes, they symbolise the self-made solutions carved out by communities & rebellious creativity.

Come along to meet the artists, hear about the projects and how you can get involved, chat over lunch and join a discussion about collaborative futures for Croydon’s spaces.

Saturday 19 August 2023 from 11am

• 11.00 – 12.30 – introduction to Desire Paths and the artists’ projects
• 12.30 – 13.30 – lunch
• 13.30 – 15.00 – Discussion: Collaborative Futures for Spaces

Booking your place is essential. Lunch is provided.


Desire Paths will be led by artists, organisations or collectives chosen by open call. The project will start with a symposium event at Turf and then unfold and expand across Croydon via the projects commissioned.

• Sam Wills & Lira Valencia – artist & ecologist looking at how Croydon’s empty spaces could be used to engage us with the natural world.
• Phoebe & Roger Wagner – exploring the past and futures of Croydon’s empty pubs.
• POoR – engaging local young people in how decisions are made about their area.
• Georgina Jonnhson – creating a publication to document & create legacy for Desire Paths.
• Georgeenia Ariaratnam – exploring the collective folklore of local spaces, reimagining them as characters created through locals’ memories & stories.
• Tom Bull – exploring connections with Croydon’s rural histories through sculptural works around the borough.
• Hoagy Houghton – a series of drawing workshops exploring memories of and futures for South Norwood Library and its surrounds.
• Lina Ivanova – a series of photography and sculpture workshops taking place on Reeves Corner, exploring how we shape and are shaped by the spaces and places we inhabit.
• Betty Owoo – a catalogue of Croydon Town Centre’s peripheral green spaces, reimagining how they could be transformed into community ‘back gardens’.
• Diana Phiri-Witty – working with children to reimagine planning applications as an accessible, wildly imaginative community process.

Desire Paths