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176 Riddlesdown Road, Purley, CR8 1DF


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We are a unique independent production company owned and run by Alison Carpenter, specialising in creating inspiring music videos, documentaries, corporate films and social media content.

We have experience in working both with minimal equipment and in-house expertise, and with hiring the latest high-end gear, drawing from our network of talented industry professionals. Whatever your budget, we always aim to produce a result that everyone is thrilled with!

We'd love to hear from collaborators, writers, actors, co-producers, DOPs and anyone else who'd like to work with Carpenter Film on future projects.

It's A Sign

This was the first short film that Alison wrote, directed and edited 10 years ago. It's a quirky comedy exploring the everyday nature of signs and chuckling at their ability to be misinterpreted. She wrote and recorded a voiceover with the lead actor, Paul Kerrigan, but in the end she felt the visuals spoke for themselves. Since then, we have made other short dramas, music videos, documentaries and corporate films for a variety of clients. And we've loved every minute!

Alison is an incredible director and project manager, and a pleasure to work with too!