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About Us — Welcome to 3 Tails Embroidery, a proudly female-owned business founded with a passion for crafting high-quality, personalized embroidered products. Our name pays homage to the spirited trio of cats that inspire us daily: Bruji, the mayhem tortoiseshell (aka Witch), Tigri, the growling lap cat, and Baby T'challa, our not-so-feral-anymore rescue.

Our Mission — At 3 Tails Embroidery, we specialize in designing and producing a diverse range of embroidered products. From customized workwear to thoughtful, personalized gifts, we are committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship.

Sustainability Initiatives — We take pride in our sustainable practices, utilizing organic and recycled materials while repurposing leftover resources. Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to using OEKO-TEX-certified threads and predominantly vegan clothing. Each product undergoes individual processing to guarantee our customers receive the finest quality embroidered garments and impeccable service.

How We Operate — Connect with us through a quick message or email, and we'll promptly provide you with a quote and creative suggestions. As our valued client, you'll receive regular updates throughout the transformation of your ideas into stitches.

Community Outreach — Beyond our dedication to crafting, we have a deep commitment to animal welfare. Over the past year, we've rescued and rehomed 8 cats (including pregnant females) and 11 kittens. Collaborating with local animal rescues, we actively participated in trapping, neutering and rehoming these feline friends. Our vision includes establishing our own cat shelter for stray cats, furthering our collaboration with local charities and contributing to the well-being of our furry companions.