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Breezy Lee has been writing, recording and performing dynamic original material for over ten years. Colabarating with musicans and music producers from around the world including Kwake Bass, Wu-Lu, Nuff Pedals (Dismantle), N-Type, Kromestar, SGT Pokes, Big Toast (Revorg Records) and Samson Sounds. Breezy Lee is also part of the renowned Scottish outdoor theatre company Oceanallover and has featured on their last 4 albums as well as performing live across the Uk and Europe.
Breezy Lee's Live Licks is a new live music event she has created to showcase Croydon artist alongside quality acts from all over the UK, to be held at the V Bar in Croydon in partnership with Croydon Music City.

The Luth-Ecdysis-Oceanallover-Merchant City Festival 2020

Ecdysis (In Vivo) is a collaborative project for Oceanallover. It takes inspiration from reptiles and particularly the necessity to shed skin in order to grow.
We are working with a number of music producers and artists from Scotland, Bristol and London and Europe to create live events in both urban and rural locations.

Nuff Pedals featuring Breezy Lee- Notice Me Not