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"Life is to be experienced on all levels, no matter how you express self, don't hide away.

started school at 5 ever since then found myself doing all the biggest creative projects throughout the school, at the age of 10 i feel in love with manga, probably much younger as my dad used it to sedate me.
Then a little older i found myself into grime and hip hop, at around 14/15 i was doing graffiti, painting trains/train tracks/tunnels/bridges/buildings high and low, grew up in some nasty battles and difficult rivalries, still gets to my vains, graffiti will never die. Up until college, i went into university where books opened up my view on art and my mind went to find drugs - however fell ill with the competitive blues.. found a type of art called psychedelic/spiritual and allowed that to influence my graffiti/illustration/random emotion sporadic paintings turning my loosely creative pieces of random drawings and fun times into esoteric pieces of marvels ready to prepare the mind and hearts of man for the incoming transformation of information bombarding our own fragility. I draw paint, sculpt and mainly want to wake up the world with huge murals across the globe joining forces and kicking butt!!"