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My name is Christine Natasha, Creeator of magic. Graphic designer, illustrator, educator, art teacher/enterprise officer. My passion has always been with art and design, studying a Bahons degree in Graphic design and Media studies.

I create art and graphics but have recently created a brand called 'The Afrolights' based on my two children. Inspred by the queen Whitney Houston, I believe the greatest love of all is to love yourself. Many things have led me to creating these characters, writing this song and book. My own self love journey, a passoion to impart positivity to children and teach them life long lesson to help them be resillient with a positive mental attitiude.

They are called 'The Afrolights' A dinamic duo (based on my children) nwith a mission to positivity to a world where darkness and doubt seeks into corners waiting to infect our youth, but with the right teachings from the Afrolights , children will learn to seek the positivity from with, an inate power that we all have.

\i have created the characters already, I am currently illustrating my book but my song is out there and many children are already sending in their videos to be part of the mission. Spreadng positive thinking and self belief to all at a young age. They have been teaching t at Whitehorse Manor Junior School and Brigstack Primaray School in Thornton Heath and I have have worked with Mula Cake kids club to deliver my self love workshop. I am currently in a pop up shop in Centrale Shopping Centre with my positive merchandise. I'd love this to reach the wider audience as with the current situation with the world, we all know mental health in children is on an all rise and they need as much positivity as they can get. I walked for mental health with Local Hero Patrick Hutchinson, to raise money for Place to be, check out my instagram.
@the_afrolights and my art page @christine.natasha.creat.eve

Please find attached images of my characters, my daughter Cheyenne and my Son Kai.

'Always remember to dream big and never doubt.
Love yourself entirly from inside and out
'Coz you are amazing and you will achieve
Anythign is possible as long as you believe'