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"Meghana Sengupta is an artist of Indian origin whose work explores her true inner life. She adopts an intensive creative process in the interpretation of her deepest thoughts, hidden emotions and strongest desires, producing imagery which manifests a synergy of her childhood absorbtion of Indian art traditions and the Western art imagery she has chosen to immerse herself in as an emerging artist.

 In the execution of these figurative paintings, sometimes makes what she describes as 'informed memory', allowing recalled and interpreted forms to emerge. Her intention is to convey her impression of a time and a person in her painting, not just as it was but as she perceived and experienced her emotions. She has found though her practice that a combination of extensive patience and intuition is required to capture the essence of a sitter to best convey their inner character rather than merely their physical appearance.

Meghana completed the Contemporary Portrait Diploma at The Art Academy in 2017. She was nominated for Sir Philip Trousdell Portrait Prize 2017 and her works is exhibited in private collections in the U.K. and abroad. & winner of the VAANI Asian Women Artist of the year 2017."